MARCH 2, 2024

2024 Bass for Cash All In


Go All In with the Collins Bass for Cash in 2024!





Going All In with the Bass for Cash in 2024 is the easiest way to secure your spot to fish with the Collins Bass for Cash for the entire 2024 season.

By making 1 payment you will be eligible for all of our awards, bonuses, and sidepots all season long. You’ll also receive a guaranteed early boat number that will not change all season long.

Please note: Top Gun entry fees are not part of this purchase.

Why Go All In?

  1. You and your partner are eligible for all tournaments, sidepots, and bonuses in 2024. One payment and you are set for the entire year. No need to hassell with payment at the boat ramp the morning of the tournament.
  2. You’ll be given a guaranteed early boat number that will remain the same for every tournament in 2024.
  3. No substitution fees – If you need a substitute during the season you’ll pay no membership fees for that substitute.
  4. You’ll be eligible for our 2024 Team Points Championship $1,000 1st place prize plus our $20,000 Championship in October 2024.
  5. 50% deposits – Pay half of the All In cost now and the remainder in February 2024.
  6. 10% off parts at the Collins, Inc. Boat Dealership.

What Am I Purchasing?

Your purchase includes the following:

  • 5 Regular Season Tournament Entries with Big Fish Option – $180 x 5 = $900
  • 1 Two-Day $20,000 Championship Entry with Big Fish Option – $180
  • 2 Membership Fees – $35 x 2 = $70 (Includes Bassmaster Team Championship Eligibility)

Total All In Cost: $1,150
50% Deposit: $575

What is the difference between the full payment and the 50% deposit?

Regarding boat numbers, there is no difference between full payment and the 50% deposit option. The 50% deposit option was put in place to allow more teams to go “All In” without having to pay for the entire season in advance.

Teams who choose the 50% Deposit option must pay their balance by February 19, 2023 at 8:00 pm. Teams who fail to pay the balance due will receive a full refund of their deposit but lose their boat number for the season.

Can I Just Purchase Single Tournament Entries?

Yes, you may follow this link to purchase single events.

What’s My Boat Number?

Boat numbers are assigned by order of registration. Boat numbers will be updated on the home page of this website well in advance of the tournament.

* Please note a small processing fee is added to every online order.

Collins Bass for Cash anglers are required to purchase a one-time membership fee which provides you tournament eligibility for 1 tournament season.