OCT 21, 22

2024 Angler Survey

We want your input! We're trying to build the best bass tournament trail in North Carolina and in order for us to do that we need your input so we can shape our 2024 to be the best it can be. Please take just a few minutes to complete the below questions. This survey is anonymous.

Select the locations you would like the Bass for Cash to visit in 2024.

Based on your selections here, we'll do our best to schedule these locations during the best times of the year so the fishing will be best. If you have a recommendation for going to a specific location during a specific time of the year, please let us know in the comments section at the end of this survey.

Whats your preferred entry fee for our tournaments?

Keep in mind, the higher the entry fees the better the paybacks. This entry fee does not include any side pots.

Would you like to continue to have Bassmaster Team Championship Eligibility in the Collins Bass For Cash?

Having this eligibility requires us to charge an extra $10 in our membership fee.

For our Championship Tournament, should we randomly draw a location or should a location be picked by our staff at the beginning of the year when we release our schedule?

Please provide any feedback you have that will help us make the Bass for Cash even better next year.