Jordan Lake March 18 – Pre-Tournament Notes

The Collins Bass for Cash will start our 2023 season with a bang on March 18 at the big fish factory, Jordan Lake.

On Saturday, March 18 the Collins Bass for Cash will visit Jordan Lake for our first event of 2023. Jordan Lake is one the most popular fisheries in North Carolina as it is widely known as a “Big Fish” lake. We’re anticipating a great tournament with a big field of anglers on Jordan Lake. The below information will provide you with all the information you need to be ready for our first tournament of 2023.

Tournament Information

Lake: Jordan Lake
City: Chapel Hill, NC
Launch Ramp: Farrington Point – Google Maps Link
Fish Limit: 5 fish, all fish must be 14 inches or greater.

Off Limits

The Collins Bass for Cash has official off-limits days for each of our events. For this tournament, the off-limits period will be sundown on Sunday, March 12 until sunrise on Friday, March 17. During this off-limits period, you may not be on Jordan Lake for any reason. You also may not receive information from anyone who has been on the lake during this off-limits period.

Tournament Times

Our crew will be on-site at 5:00 am to handle onsite angler check-in for the event. All anglers must check in with our staff and receive a boat number slip before our tournament begins. Blast off will begin at safe light. We always blast our anglers off as early as possible to maximize fishing time. We anticipate blasting off for this event at approximately 7:00 am.

Onsite Angler Check-in: 5:00 am
Adult Blast Off: Safe Light – Approximately 7:00 am
Youth Blast Off: 10 minutes after Adult Blast off completes
Check-In: Youth weigh-in begins at 2:00 pm and Adult weigh-in begins at 3:00 pm.

Tournament Blast Off

PLEASE READ – When you launch your boat into the water, please clear the ramp so others may have ample space to launch as well. We will call boat numbers from the dock at Farrington Point Boat Launch. Finally, be courteous at the boat ramp, dim your lights when launching your boat, and be safe.

Please see the below map.

Boat Numbers and Flights

During registration, teams are assigned boat numbers. We blast off boats in order based on these numbers. Every 25 boats will begin a new flight. The first flight is due back in at 3:00 and every proceeding flight after that is due back in 10 minutes later. Boat numbers are visible on the homepage of this website.

Youth Tournament anglers will blast off shortly after the last adult team blasts off. All youth tournament anglers are required to return to the launch ramp at 2:00 pm.

Fees and Costs

All fees and costs for this event MUST BE PAID ONLINE. No entry fee payments will be accepted in person during the event (No exceptions).

The deadline to enter this tournament is Wednesday, March 15 at midnight. No entry fees will be accepted after this time.

Entry Fee: $125 – Purchase Online
Optional Side Pot: $60
Membership Fee: $35 per angler (One-time fee) – Purchase Online

Truck/Trailer Parking

There is ample parking at this location. When parking, please be sure you’re only taking up 1 parking spot and provide enough clearance to surrounding trucks and trailers. See the above map for parking locations.

Payouts, Incentives, & Contingency Prizes

Payouts for this event are based on participation and will be announced before the blastoff. We’re so happy to offer our anglers several incentives and contingency prizes this year. Our events in 2023 will be officially sanctioned events for the following contingencies:

Ranger Cup, Triton Gold, Nitro Tournament Rewards

Points Championship / Bassmaster Team Championship

Teams will be rewarded points based on their finish in this tournament. Those points will be used in our Points Championship Standings to determine our Youth and Adult Team Points Champions who will receive a cash prize at the end of the year. In addition, we will be sending our top teams to the Bassmaster Team Championship later this year. We’ll have more information about the Bassmaster Team Championship in the coming days.


All anglers competing in a Collins Bass for Cash tournament should expect to have a Polygraph administrated for each and every tournament. In previous years, we only Polygraphed the top finishing teams in our events. Beginning in 2023 we will be Polygraphing random anglers.

Live Leaderboard & Live Streaming

During the weigh-in, anglers will be able to view their results and current standings on our Live Leaderboard. We will also be live-streaming the weigh-in on our Facebook/Instagram accounts so family and friends can watch online. Make sure you’re following us on our official Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Please note –  our live streaming will be contingent on our wireless signal

Thank you all for fishing with the Collins Bass for Cash. We’re looking forward to a great tournament. If you have additional questions or need assistance with anything tournament related please contact Jeffrey Davis at 252.661.5454.